it’s cousin pam aka pamela jones, pamela pames, basically, it’s just ya cousin, alright?

Wait, wait, wait. Before I go any further, let me break down the nature of this blog and discuss the name for those who are just a little unsure!

My name is “xxx,” but I go by the heavyweight moniker, ItsCousinPam. For those that are familiar with the legendary actress, Erika Alexander, you’ll know she played the cousin to the Huxtables on the sitcom, The Cosby Show. In the opening credits, she does this funky lil’ dance and my best friend decided, that was my style of dancing and personality; super chill, goofy, blah, blah, blah. I’m a vibe, feel me? Anywho, my friend ended up changing my name in her phone to Cousin Pam, and when people saw me call, you guessed it, they began referring to me by that name.  Ever since then, the name just stuck, and in all honesty, when people greet me, they remember that name more than my actual name. Plus, it’s a conversation starter.

It resonates with whom I aim to be on a personal level and the very reason for this blog; someone who offers a witty, and unexpecting familial connection in this crazy world.

This blog is “precious” to me for many reasons. Shortly after graduating from college, I was in the entryway of a crazy season in my life. During this time, I rambled between dark spaces, emptiness, shame, feeling of failure, and hopelessness. To spark my motivation and get myself out this mind space, I took to beginning a fashion, pop culture blog called “She’s No Saint.” In my head, I was like this is it, this is what’s going to lift me from this contorted time. However, that excitement for that new venture quickly faded and I gave up.

Fast forward to now, with your lovely faces reading along on your mobile devices, I can say I’m facing a moment of clarity and freedom. With this blog, I aim to give you a glimpse into my own world, how I feel, and what I see. I want this to be a place where you can see my growth, inspirations, humor, topics on whatever because why the hell not.

Lastly, please enjoy yourselves on this site and do note: I’M SENSITIVE ABOUT MY ISH!

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