day damn one

welcome to the NEW YEAR! It’s now 2020 and I hope you’ve got your vision in check!

the new year may have started in the middle of week, but honestly, I’m feeling major Sunday vibes where you just want to relax it up with some Netflix. i literally did not a thing all day and I feel exhausted and more tired.

how does that happen? Trust me, it’s completely okay if all you did was rest because there is no rush on relaxation.

Anyhow, the new year brings fresh feelings and thoughts, and everyone is on the surge of trying to do better + create a better me wave. Classic. There is this certainty that the new year reels in where we excite ourselves over the idea of a “fresh start,” a “do-over.” We see the opportunity to be more forthright with our actions, take accountability, writing out goals and trying to commit to resolving the resolutions we hadn’t achieved in yester years.

The thrill that January brings makes you want to write a “new year, new me” status doesn’t it? Well don’t, because I’ll be throwing mad side-eye. Just, don’t do it, please. Might as well say you’re back on your bs again!

Thing is, we get overly ambitious in the beginning month of the new year and by the middle of the year, if our goals haven’t been reached or exceeded our expectations, we chalk it up and continue the path that brings us back to comfort. January just possesses this thrill of “I’m getting ready to take on the world!” That’s beautiful and what not, but it’s not realistic.

Problem is, I believe many of us have the trouble of maintaining because we’re too inconsistent and lack discipline. I’ll admit it too, I’m Queen Inconsistent. Do you know how many times I’ve started a blog or any creative project but stopped because I wasn’t disciplining myself? Then I’d be upset, like, damn I really messed up and now I missed my opportunity.

So, for this year I am going to commit (getting in the habit of using more active words) to creating specific goals with intent and making sure that I follow through by incorporating discipline into my routine. That sounded super affirmative, right lol. Last decade me would have been like, ROUTINE?! *insert Soulja Boy gif*

Nonetheless, as I make my through navigating this blog, I hope you as well read this with the intent to making this a fruitful year, letting go of things that hold you back , like yourself, and any other obstacle that’s preventing you from living your absolute best life!


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