i’m mad inconsistent, yal

this wasn’s supposed to happen like this…

per usual, i start every project with great enthusiam.

i start researching, watching youtube videos, saving pinterest faves — completely engulfing myself, leaving me overstimulated and aptly overwhelmed.

that’s when the momentum fades.

my excitement falls flat because i was too focused on the end goal instead of the process. and that’s what happened with this blog too.

i want this blog to be a space where you can connect with the content and me, but i have to do it right this time.

it takes real honesty to admit that being inconsistent is one your biggest weaknesses — say that at an interview, i DARE you! anyhow, it takes an even larger amount of courage to correct that behavior and hold yourself accountable. and i need some time to figure out exactly what i want and — me.

for now, it’ll be a small hiatus but i’ll be back.

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