my name is stefanie, but pam is okay, too.

i’m a(n) (inconsistent) writer, content creator, and digital storyteller. i don’t have a portfolio, large following, or any major accolades–yet, but i do have this little corner of the internet. i have this space to share and open for conversation and insight with those who may see the world as i do, or don’t.

being a creative was a journey called onto me long before i understood all that came with it and as i evolved, the more it grew to become more of a necessity than a hobby.

itscousin pam was crafted to chronicle and highlight the Black, millennial women’s experience and all else that comes with the territory. i wanted to provide room and community for identities like mine so that we acknowledge our voices hold volume.

“i been gone for a minute, now i’m back with the jumpoff.” – lil’ kim